May 2019, WB

May 2019, IMF

December 2018, dress rehearsal at the United Church

June 2018, WB

January 2015, IMF

December 2017, IMF

December 2017, WB - carol singalong with the audience

January 2015, WB

June 2012, WB

December 2013, WB

May 2006, IMF

December 2006, World Bank

June 2007, IMF

December 2008, World Bank Atrium (Handel's Messiah)

December 2007, IMF

December 2008 - award to Jack Upper

May 2008, IFC

June 2006, IFC

Rehearsal at the United Church, 2004

May 2004, World Bank Atrium

Outside the United Church, where we rehearse, 2004

December 2004, IMF Gallery

July 2004 - WB President James Wolfensohn with Jack Upper, longest-serving member of the Chorus.

December 2004, World Bank, with WB President James Wolfensohn as guest cellist

Children's Hospital

December 2004, World Bank, with guest cellist WB President James Wolfensohn

Nevilla Ottley conducts

December 1979

May 2005, World Bank: Farewell concert for James Wolfensohn

Lewis Preston memorial service, 1995, with World Children's Choir

December 2005, World Bank