Practice files

Dear chorus members,
to make it easier to practice at home, please find the links to recordings of and practice files for the pieces we will be singing this season.

Concert Program

From the Four Corners: Music from East, West, North and South – a 60th Anniversary Celebration of the World Bank-IMF Chorus

El cielo canto - Pablo Sosa -

Gitanjali Chants - Craig Hella Johnson

Song of the Universal - Ola Gjeillo 

Betelehemu - Wendell Whalum/arr. B.Brooks  and

Commissioned Work- The Awakening-  Mike Kelleher
Composed by chorus member Mike Kelleher (tenor), with this choir and the venues where we perform in mind. Mike has done a great deal of research and his piece celebrates the spirit of the Bretton Woods institutions through quotations from Churchill, Roosevelt, and Gandhi.

Audience Sing-Along, including Huron Carol,  arr. Terre Johnson. - there is link to streaming file, on the left side - click on the "MP3 preview" button under Samples

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Bob Chilcott and

In addition to that, Sonya has recorded practice files for us for Gitanjali Chants, Song of the Universal and The Awakening. Please see below for links; you can download the files to your computer from these links.

Gitanjali Chants Sopranos and Altos

Gitanjali Chants Tenors and Basses

Gjeillo Song of the Universal - Bass 1 and 2

Gjeillo Song of the Universal - Tenor 1 and 2

Gjeillo Song of the Universal - Alto 1 and 2