Practice files

Dear chorus members,
we are singing the Levin edition of Mozart Requiem, which is different from the traditional edition. 

Here is a YouTube link for recording of the Levin edition: e

We also have a set of practice files, created by one of our members, Jo. Please see her message below:
Dear Chorus members,
Some of you may remember that I created practice files for the Bach Missa Brevis last year. I decided to do this again for the Mozart.  The files feature all voices with one of the parts highlighted. So if you’re an alto, the volume on the alto part is at 100% while the other voices are at 80%. You can clearly hear and follow your part but you can also hear where you fit into the harmony. I find I can learn my part much faster that way and I don’t lose my place so much anymore.  
You can find the files on my google docs, organized per part:
A couple of notes:
  1. I took the tempi averaged from what I could find on Youtube for the Levin edition. The slow parts, are basically that, the faster parts I have slowed down a bit for learning. If you find any of the tempi to be out of whack, let me know and I will discuss with Sonya to come up with a better one.
  2. I omitted the parts that were soli only. If needed I can add those later, drop me a line if you would like to have them. This concerns #4, #6, #12 in the Levin score.
  3. I have omitted the accompaniment so as not to muddle the sound and to hear all the parts clearly.
  4. If you find any errors (incomplete files, wrong notes, etc) please let me know where the error is and I will correct.
I made these files basically for myself, because I find Cyberbass not very user friendly, but remembered that some of you enjoyed working with them last time, so I am making them available again.